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Marine Independent Engineering & Surveyors

MIEC Maritime Consultancy Services

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MIEC Maritime Services

Marine Independent Engineering Consultants & Surveyors

MIEC Maritime Services

Marine Independent Engineering Consultants & Surveyors

MIEC is an independent marine consultancy. The company provides surveying services, expert advice, and other freelance marine engineering services to the shipping, offshore, and insurance industries. Clients include ship owners, ship managers, P&I Clubs, hull and machinery underwriters, average adjusters, ship agents, charterers, banks, administrators, and shipyards.  
Our Head office based in Manila, the Philippines.

Our corresponding offices based in
Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, and Vietnam.

Since January 2018, our firm has been carrying out professional technical consultancy, design, and assistance for shipping activities. We mainly deal with third party ship inspections, pre-purchase surveys, ISM-ISPS-MLC audits, Dry-dock Supervising, operation manuals, PMS, Plans and study, , Lay-up, ULD Hatch covers Ultrasonic test, vetting, s&p, Cargo damage survey, P&I Correspondent (Singapore - Thailand - Indonesia), Classification and Statutory survey - certification via Phoenix Register of Shipping.

Our team of marine surveyors comprises high-caliber shipping professionals with seagoing backgrounds and experience in the field of marine surveying who are able to meet and fulfill every principal's expectations.
Our surveyors are experienced and well-known Captains, Chief Engineers, Marine Engineers Naval Architects, and ex- IACS Class Surveyors.
MIEC Activities
MIEC is actively involved in the field of marine surveying and technical consultancy. Our experience and technical knowledge enable us to provide various types of marine surveying services.
MIEC Consultancy Services
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Where We Are
1214, Pablo Ocampo Rd Pasay
Manila Philippines 1000
Contact us
Phone: +63-95-644-23578
Email: info@mieconsultancy.com

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