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Marine Independent Engineering & Surveyors

MIEC Maritime
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Marine  Engineering
& Surveyors.
MIEC Maritime Services

MIEC operates in the shipping, oil & gas, and renewable energy sectors, providing a range of services including marine pre-purchase surveys, inspections, audits, sales and purchase (S&P), dry-docking, offshore company support, mooring chain and anchor services, fender installations, spare parts procurement, P&I (protection and indemnity) insurance, navigation and radio equipment, and ISM-ISPS-MLC audits. Our global network of surveyors, who are highly skilled and dedicated, have the necessary tools and expertise to deliver precise and accurate results, no matter where you are in the world.
Our goal at MIEC is to not only meet but exceed your expectations. We have an effective and certified system in place, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, to ensure the consistent quality of our services and maintain the integrity and confidentiality that is essential to our mission.

Marine Independent Engineering Consultants Services headquartered and Management in the Philippines.
Our corresponding offices based in
Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Costa Rica, China, Egypt, France, Greece, Guam, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Malaysia, Marocco, Mexico, Myanmar, Panama, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Full range of our services
MIEC is a leading provider of marine surveying and technical consultancy services.
Our extensive experience and technical expertise allow us to offer a wide range of marine surveying services. We are located in Manila, Philippines, a strategic location within the shipping industry and at the centre of major regional activities. As independent specialists, our professionalism and expertise have been crucial to our successful delivery of services. Our efficiency and expertise have established us as the preferred choice for surveyors. Our team of marine surveyors consists of highly skilled shipping professionals with seagoing backgrounds and extensive experience in the field. They are experienced Captains, Chief Engineers, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, and former IACS Class Surveyors. Through our well-established network of surveyors, we can provide inspection services worldwide at short notice and with the highest level of quality. Our services cover all aspects of ship design and ship system design, including technical specifications, tender documents, contractor suggestions, technical advice during negotiations, project management, design approval, and building supervision. With 26 years of experience in the marine sector, we have established quality procedures and hold ISO 9001 certification. We are committed to understanding our clients' specific needs and providing tailored solutions.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems:
We have a proven track record in ballast water treatment (BWT) retrofit projects, having successfully installed our designs on over 50 seagoing vessels. We work with leading manufacturers to design and install various BWT systems.
Marine Electronics Equipment:
We supply, install, and repair all types of navigation equipment, including GPS, radar, AIS, EPIRB, SART, gyro compass, echo sounder, fish finder, satellite phones, fleet broadband, VSAT, and radio equipment.
Electrician Support:
Our technical expertise and experience in installation, repair, and preventative maintenance of electro-mechanical equipment and other auxiliaries ensure high-quality work that exceeds our clients' expectations.
Yokohama Fender:
We offer a range of marine products, including marine rubber fenders, marine airbags, navigation marks, and marine buoys. All our products hold ISO 9001-2008 certification and IACS quality authentication from CCS, BV, GL, ABS, LG, and other reputable organisations.
Spare Parts:
We supply all brands and types of spare parts for seagoing vessels and offshore platforms worldwide. We can provide original equipment manufacturer (OEM), genuine, and aftermarket spare parts, depending on our client's needs. Mooring Equipment:
We can provide a variety of mooring equipment, including windlasses, tension winches, container lashings, chains, mooring chains, anchors, shackles, D-shackles, and end links, with Class approval.
Mechanical and Hydraulic Repairs (UAE & China only):
Is pleased to introduce our specialised services for overhauling various types of thrusters, including OD box oil distribution units, azimuth thrusters lower and upper gear boxes, and CPP (controllable pitch propeller). We also offer bonding and overhauling of stern tube seals, as well as retro-fitting of stern seals.
Condition and evaluation survey  
MIEC Maritime Services
Registration No: 4088965
Where We Are
15, M. Roxas Str. Alcantara
Philippines 1000
Contact us
Phone: +63-915-771-8544
Email: info@mieconsultancy.com

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