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Marine Independent Engineering & Surveyors

MIEC Maritime Consultancy Services

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Marine Independent Engineering Consultants & Surveyors (MIEC)
MIEC operates in the shipping, oil & gas, and renewable sectors, providing loss prevention (marine surveys, inspections & audits, s&p, dry-dock, offshore companies support, mooring chain, anchors, technical due diligence), and marine engineering consultancy services.

The global network of surveyors has the technical skills, dedication, and tools to achieve the precision, accuracy and results you need - wherever in the world you may be - save money and time.
At MIEC we can assure you that we will meet and exceed your expectations. Our effective and certified system as per ISO 9001:2015 allows us to maintain the persistent quality of provided services and the required integrity and confidentiality that institutionally shields our mission.

MIEC Maritime Consultancy & Surveyors Services headquartered and Management in the Philippines, the company operates branch offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, South Korea, India, South Europe, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.

Our services include but not limited to:
Pre-purchase Survey
• Condition Inspection
• ULD Ultrasonic Hutch Covers
• Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)
• SIRE/Rightship Pre-Vetting by OCIMF or/and Non-OCIMF Inspector (South Korea only)
• SIRE Inspection Attend & Assistance (South Korea Only)
• Vetting Inspections   
• H&M   
• Lay-up Recovery    
• 3D Scan   
• Load Test
• Dry-Dock
• Engineering
• Operation/PMS Manuals
• S&P
• Vibration Monitoring
• Acoustic Emission
• Marine Engine Performance

With co-operation with one of the biggest Consultancies in South Europe, we can provide our services in Greece, Turkey, Croatian, Slovenia, Port of KOPER.
Depending on COVID-19 restrictions and timely advice we can deliver our services at Italian ports of
Trieste, Monfalcone, Porto Nogaro, Porto Marghera, Ancona also Montenegrin ports of Tivat and Bari.

Phoenix Register of Shipping (PHRS)

is a Classification Society acting as an RO/RSO, providing classification services and statutory certification on behalf of the flag-states that have authorized PHRS for such purpose. Recognized by United States Coast Guard as a classification society, thus allowing vessels under PHRS class to operate in US ports and territorial waters.

MIEC Consultancy Services
Registration No: 2428417
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Where We Are
1214, Pablo Ocampo Rd Pasay
Manila Philippines 1000
Contact us
Phone: +63-95-644-23578
Email: info@mieconsultancy.com

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