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Marine Independent Engineering & Surveyors

MIEC Maritime
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Marine  Engineering & Surveyors.
Marine Independent Engineering & Surveyors (MIEC)

MIEC operates in the shipping, oil & gas, and renewable sectors, providing loss prevention (marine surveys, inspections & audits, s&p, dry-dock, offshore companies support, mooring chain, anchors, technical due diligence), and marine engineering consultancy services.

The global network of surveyors of our maritime consulting firms has the technical skills, dedication, and tools to achieve the precision, accuracy, and results in you need - wherever in the world you may be - to save money and time.
At MIEC we can assure you that we will meet and exceed your expectations. Our effective and certified system as per ISO 9001:2015 allows us to maintain the persistent quality of provided services and the required integrity and confidentiality that institutionally shields our mission.

MIEC headquartered and Management in the Philippines.
Our corresponding offices based in
Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Costa Rica, China, Egypt, France, Greece, Guam, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Malaysia, Maroco, Mexico, Myanmar, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, Venezuela, and Vietnam.
Full range of our services  
MIEC is actively involved in the field of marine surveying and technical consultancy.
Our experience and technical knowledge enable us to provide various types of marine surveying services. We are based in Manila, the Philippines, a prime location of the shipping industry and within the heart of major regional activities.
We act as independent specialists and our expertise and professionalism are the key elements to the so-far successful delivery of our services. Our efficiency and expertise have been the key factors that throughout the years have helped us to be established as the top-choice surveyors.

Our team of marine surveyors comprises high-caliber shipping professionals with seagoing backgrounds and experience in the field of marine surveying who are able to meet and fulfill every principal's expectations.
Our surveyors are experienced and well-known Captains, Chief Engineers, Marine Engineers Naval Architecture, and Ex- IACS Class Surveyors.
Furthermore, through our well-established network of surveyors, we are in a position of providing inspection services worldwide at short notice and always at the highest level of quality.
Marine Independent Engineering Consultants (MIEC)
Registration No: 4088965
Where We Are
15, M. Roxas Str. Alcantara
Philippines 1000
Contact us
Phone: +63-9278-333-630
Email: info@mieconsultancy.com

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