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Marine & Engineering Consultants

Marine Independent Engineering Consulting (MIEC) founding in January 2018 in Manila from the Greek, and Filipino owner.
Marine Independent Engineering Consultants (MIEC) is operated by a team of a very diverse and experienced set of professionals who have their foundations in the shipping industry.
The MIEC team includes Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Master Mariners, IT Professionals & Human Resource / Crewing Professionals. All the consultants and inspectors have the extensive seagoing experience, and each has served in command of a variety of ship types. We are passionate about improving performance and safety by providing our customers & partners with the best practical maritime solutions. MIEC consultants and inspectors are kept up to date with the latest industry requirements and technology through a continuous, regular, and periodic training and audits of their inspection procedures. We are able to provide a vetting service tailored to meet our client's specific needs.
The professional and expert advice of our experienced team of marine consultants allows you to focus on the essential elements of your core business activities. We can assure you that we will meet and exceed your expectations.
The global network of surveyors has the technical skills, dedication, and tools to achieve the precision, accuracy and results you need - wherever in the world you may be.

MIEC Services

Our Marine & Engineering Consultancy service offers practical assistance and technical support to P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters, Shipowners and Managers and Law firms, and does so from a variety of international locations.
Our team is comprised of experts with a diverse skill set, encompassing a detailed knowledge of a wide range of commodities carried at sea and the measures necessary for the preservation and mitigation in the event of actual or partial loss. Therefore, we can ensure that our clients are assigned the correct consultant for each case.
We provide the following services: ISM, ISPS, MLC, third party ship inspections, Pre-purchase inspections, audits, Pre-vetting survey, dry-dock superintendency with a first-class Marine & engineering professionals, manuals,  Classification and statutory survey and classification via Phoenix Register of Shipping. In MIEC we take care of your ship.


Our professional partners analyze the specific requirements of our customers and turn them into discrete recommendations and profitable transactions. Our network in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea is ready to meet your requirements.

Phoenix Register of Shipping (PHRS)
I's a modern Classification Society, offering classification services on the basis of its Rules & Regulations for the Construction of Steel Ships and the Rules & Regulations for the Construction of Commercial and Pleasure Yachts. The Organization has been recognized by several states – members of the International Maritime Organization – for the issuance of statutory certificates as they are provided and enforced according to the particular ships’ characteristics. We are able to provide Classification and Statutory Survey-Certification to Asia Region.

Plans & Studies

The dedicated department of the MIEC has the necessary expertise and up to date software required to process effectively and accurately its job. The human element has  a particular high scientific knowledge and expertise participating with energetic role to the development and improvement of rules and regulations for classification.
The department of  Naval Projects is able to prepare naval and structural study assessments, on behalf of third persons, provided that will not be involved into their review and approval.

Phoenix Register of Shipping

Marine Independent Engineering
Marine Independent Engineering Consultants
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