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Marine Bunker Survey
Transparency & Accuracy

Marine Bunker Survey

Our Surveyors are Marine professionals duly complying with all local, and international bunker regulations, and providing advisory service to Ship/ Shore staff. The team is equipped with all mandatory safety equipment, knowledge, and experience in the fieldwork, and is available for service 24/7 round the year.

The quantities are verified on board, and on supply vessels with full transparency & accuracy.
Bunkering practices were closely monitored in line with MARPOL compliance, and gaps are notified to Owners if find any.
Our reporting format is comprehensive, transparent, and covers all  MARPOL, and local regulations that are mandatory in connection with bunker quality & quantity.
The reports are maintained unbiased, with full confidentiality, and disclosed to the respective parties only.

We can provide Bunker Survey Services in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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