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Marine Cargo Survey
Damage & Pre-loading Cargo Survey

Marine Cargo Survey

Damages to cargo can take the form of minor or superficial defects or serious deficiencies, which can result in the product being completely unsuitable for its intended purpose.

MIEC can arrange a survey of damaged cargo, which when competently conducted, will strive to uncover the root cause of the damage, and investigate the possibilities for repair or recovery in order that the cargo may be accepted suitable for use without detriment.

Cargo condition surveys may be carried out at any stage, prior or post-shipment, for verification, precautionary, or insurance purposes, or to provide an early indication of potential defects which may lead to project delay if undetected.

Pre-Loading Cargo Survey, MIEC surveyors carry out cargo Pre-Loading Surveys in order to verify the condition of the cargo by recording all visible damage before shipment and to also inspect the loading process to avoid further claims.
MIEC can carry out:
·         Damage surveys on all cargo types
·         Condition surveys of all cargo types
·         Supervision at loading, discharging or transfer operations
·         Inspection and verification of cargo securing arrangements
·         Survey of freight containers and their cargoes
We can provide Cargo Survey Services in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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