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MIEC Marine Consultants
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Engineering Services
Offers to ship owners its vast experience in Ship repairs.
Ship Repair
MIE Consultancy offers to ship owners its vast experience in Ship repairs. The multidisciplinary team of experts is in a position to determine the necessary actions to satisfy the requirements of each case.

Starting with extensive and thorough preparation, our team puts together the technical specifications and through our working relationships with a lot of yards and repair companies around the world, we can advise the owner of the fastest, most cost-effective repair facility according to the trading route of the ship and can deliver the best prices.

Following the preparation, Marine Independent Engineering are able to undertake the supervision of the repairs of any ship. Our experts have a background not only in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering but also in other engineering disciplines. This diversity allows our company to offer the best quality of work in the most efficient way for our customers. Our professional team is ready to service you. Auxiliary Engines, Main Engines unit, Turbo Chargers overhauling.
MIEC Consultants
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