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An expert’s look on the matter.
With our deep background from sophisticated vessels, Owners, and Suppliers we know the importance of condition management, maintenance planning, life-cycle cost management, and asset value maintenance. We carry out inspections with an in-depth focus on the key or dedicated areas.
We carry out pre-inspection, planning, and management of dry-dockings and major repairs, retrofits, etc.
Feasibility studies and detailed specifications for a scrubber or ballast water treatment retrofits.
We have hands-on experience from large conversion projects and can assist in any aspects from design to execution.
With our partners, we can also perform design drawings and calculations
We carry out Pre-purchase or Condition Surveys on behalf of Buyers, Sellers, Financial Institutions and Charterers
We carry out damage Survey Inspections and follow up of the same on behalf of Marine Insurers.

We are providing following services :
• Pre-vetting surveys against Right ship and TMSA requirements as well as support during vetting inspections and audits from Oil Majors,    Class Societies, Flag    Administrations and Port authorities.
• Condition Surveys (H&M) on behalf of Charterers, Owners, etc.
• Pre-vetting inspection of oil, chemical, gas tankers for SIRE, CDI inspections.
• Pre-dry dock preparation and dry dock supervision
• New building supervision and deliveries
SMS Manual Preparation
• Consultancy for ISPS compliance of Port and Vessel.
• Preparation of LSA / FFA Plans for Vessels

Pre-loading Survey
Condition surveys of cargo, cargo holds and hatch covers on behalf of shippers, receivers, cargo owners and underwriters.
Issuance of Certificate of Readiness for loading.

Pre-PSC Inspection
Inspection of vessel to ascertain that statutory rules and regulations are complied with, helping identify issues thus reducing the risk of detention during a Port State Control inspection.

We offer pre-purchase vessel condition assessment services on major ports around the world. Our global network of expert ship inspectors enables us to appoint the best inspector nearest to the inspection port without any overhead cost. We have delivered this service in over 32 countries.
Our inspectors have Chief Engineer, Captain, Naval Architect, and Technical Superintendent backgrounds and conduct the most efficient yet detailed assessments of the vessel condition. With unbiased assessment and judgment, they help to identify businesses’ exposure to potential risks from the purchase of second-hand vessels.

What is a Vessel Pre-purchase Inspection?
MIEC Pre-purchase Inspections are used by Ship-brokers, Ship-owners, Banks, and Financiers to gain a full insight into the vessel’s condition and to mitigate the significant financial risks when acquiring a vessel. It is best to have an independent professional ship inspection for the Pre-purchase assessment of a secondhand Shipping Assets. MIEC provides thorough and data-driven vessel condition assessment that enables our clients to make intelligent investment decisions.
Due to our large network of inspectors globally, located across 24 countries, we are able to deliver vessel inspection service with high efficiency. Our entire process through appointing an inspector to the final report is standardized to bring a reliable and accurate assessment of vessel conditions to our clients. Our standardized reports provide our clients with an opportunity to make faster investment decisions as they can easily compare multiple target vessels to common & detailed assessment criteria.
Our handpicked ship inspectors receive thorough and regular training from our team of experts to keep their knowledge up-to-date with the latest industry requirements.
A Vessel’s unpredictable port schedules make inspection coordination very complex. Our dedicated operation team provides 24 x 7 service coordinations to ensure that the inspector gets sufficient time to assess the ship.
Prior to the inspection, our technical team conducts background research into the vessel (using previous surveys, PSC & Class records & other available sources) to identify areas that require extra attention during the inspection.  
Our standard vessel pre-purchase inspections typically take 12-14 hours of visual examination onboard followed by a review of vessel performance records. However, if the vessel stays in the port for a shorter period, we try to accommodate such cases by appointing two inspectors.
Our ship inspection entails a very thorough investigation of over 600+ identifiers that we look for to give the most accurate vessel grading and condition assessment
Our inspector updates our technical team prior to disembarking the vessel to ensure all crucial aspects of assessment are covered. We then deliver a preliminary report along with the ship photographs, within 24 hours of the inspector’s disembarkation. The preliminary report has enough information and insights to be used as a decision-making tool.
Within 72 hours of delivering the preliminary report, we provide our clients with a full report that is more detailed, highly accurate & technical. We remain available to our clients to answer any questions they may have after the delivery of the final report, and we are proud to say we have over 98% customer retention rate.

PART A  –Summary Report
The purpose of this part of the report is to provide the Client with an Overview of the vessel condition. This section includes Manila Engineering grading of the vessel condition, highlight key areas of concerns, major vessel defects, the scope of further improvement, and positive aspects of vessel design, features, equipment, machinery and any other benefit or advantage of the vessel.  

PART B – Detailed Condition Evaluation Report
This part of the report provides detailed information on the vessel particulars, condition of the vessel various areas, visible part of the hull & shell plating, superstructure, machinery, equipment and outfitting on-board a vessel. In this part, evaluation of the condition of the various parts of the vessel were reflected on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 is considered poor and 5 as Very Good. This report also provides a ship-type specific condition evaluation of specific areas, cargo storage, cargo gears, hull, structure, or related equipment or machinery or systems of the ship.

PART C  - Specific Requirements
This part deals with client-specific requirements which are not covered under vessel general condition assessment and specific to customer requirements such as Spare parts & LO, Fuel oil inventories, Annual OPEX,  sampling, testing, witness, Inspection of class history, etc.

Vessel’s particulars, verification of ships’ certificates and licenses, vessel’s general description which includes superstructures, and engine room, general condition of hull, accommodation area, electrical and automation, navigation and radio equipment, life saving appliances, fire fighting equipment, general condition of machinery, generator and main engine, compressor, spare parts, steering system and as an integral part of our report, photos/images of the vessel are also provided. As well as the appraisal of the value of the vessel and its condition during the inspection are also contained in our reports.

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