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MIEC Marine Consultants
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New Building Supervision
Total supervision of your new building from specification review to delivery.


Extensive experience in managing challenging newbuilding projects.
We have a mindset to support the shipyard proactively at all stages of the project to develop their capability to manage such complex projects, for the mutual benefit of the owner and the shipyard.
A Deep experience working with yards, with particular focus on Asian yards.
Fully familiar with the risks related to the construction of sophisticated vessels and can provide mitigating measures to the shipyard, thereby reducing the risk of delay and sub-standard quality for the owner.

Deep understanding of requirements and competency for welding, NDT, production the best practices, etc., engaged as an advisor to most shipyards involved in hull steel production.
Operational and newbuilding experience with key equipment Makers and can avoid selection of costly, substandard equipment.
We have a motivated, highly trained, and competent multinational team of inspectors with a long track record from vessel construction.


Together with our partners we can provide and assist in a unique combination of design, operational, and newbuilding experience. We can support and assist Owners and yard designers to develop an optimal and tailor-made design. We believe that taking an operational competency into consideration at the design stage will reduce lifetime costs and extend the lifetime of the vessel.
Designs can be tailormade to the individual owner’s operating profile and preferences.
By an optimized and efficient design, the lifetime operational cost will be reduced by taking the following objectives into consideration:
• Extensive experience working with fuel-saving measures and alternative fuels.
• Simplified construction process and reduced construction risk
• Reduced newbuilding cost
• Improved post-delivery operational efficiency
• Lower OPEX (operational expenses)

MIEC performs an evaluation of the capabilities of the shipyards in consideration for construction or repairs to ensure your project is executed in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
In order that you are fully informed of the shipyard’s capabilities, we carry out a detailed evaluation of the shipyard and assist you with the selection of the correct yard based on the following criteria:
• Evaluation of the shipyard’s safety and risk policy included practices of same
• As potential builder/repairer of the vessel
• The shipyard’s capability to design and production of the desired type of vessels
• Projections during the anticipated construction period for the yard’s other activities
• Technology for design and construction
• Capability to manufacture / construct included potential sub-contractors
• Sub-contractors’ facilities and quality
• Present manpower and capability to increase same
• Financial strength and sustainability
• Shipyard and surrounding facilities
• Organization and management

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