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Phoenix Register of Shipping (PHRS) is a Classification Society acting as an RO/RSO, providing classification services and statutory certification on behalf of the flag-states that have authorized PHRS for such purpose. PHRS was established two decades ago in Piraeus, Greece, where its headquarters are located in this day, while several branch offices operate in various countries, covering all main ports of activity.

The Organization has demonstrated a steady development course in recent years with a significant number of recognitions from several flag-states, members of the IMO. Indicatively, the Society is monitoring a total fleet of 5.000.000 DWT. An even more prominent example of the this qualitative developmental course is the constant improvement in the Paris MoU evaluation lists, where in 2018, PHRS became the first ever Greek Classification Society to enter the High Performance Rank among other IACS members.
Our mission for safe ships, environmental protection and ensuring the human life at sea, is the one that has shaped our philosophy which is built around a human centered approach. Our effective and certified quality system (as per ISO 9001:2015 & ELOT/EN ISO 17020:2012) allows us to maintain the persistent quality of pour provided services and the required integrity and confidentiality that institutionally shields our mission. Operating in a modern digital environment and with high environmental consciousness, the Organization implements a compact and effective digital management system, thus allowing us to achieve the best possible response time, minimizing unnecessary delays.
Phoenix Register of Shipping provides a full range of classification related services for all types of vessels. More specifically the services include:
· Classification   
· Tonnage
· Statutory Certification   
· Surveys (Initial, Periodical, Annual, Occasional)                                  
· ISM/ISPS/MLC Audits/ Certification    
· Naval Projects Approval & Supervision
· Shipbuilding/ Recondition Supervision

The Organization has been recognized, so far, for the issuance of governmental certificates from the following flag states – members of International Maritime Organization (IMO):


·  Hellas (National Legislation)
·  Sierra Leone
·  Belarus
·  Union of Comoros
·  Tonga
·  Cook Islands
·  Lebanon
·  Panama (including Annual Safety Inspections – ASI and crew accommodation – CICA)
·  Yemen
·  Togo
·  Kingdom of Cambodia
·  Palau
·  Jordan   
·  Gambia
·  Moldova
·  Cape Verde
·  Jamaica
·  Bolivia
·  Nigeria
·  Turkey (Class Only)
·  St. Kitts & Nevis
In addition, PHRS has been recognized by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as a classification society, thus allowing vessels under PHRS class to operate in US ports and territorial waters.
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