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Ultrasonic Leak Detection
Benefits of the Hatch Covers Ultrasonic Test

  • Ultrasonic Testing (ULD) is a reliable and non destructive testing method
  • Ultrasonic Testing allows easy detection with pinpoint accuracy, significantly reducing the time required to identify   and rectify potential issues.
  • Testing is quickly repeatable allowing for fast retests to check the effectiveness of repairs
  • Ultrasonic testing is a ‘dry’ testing method so unlike other methods there is no risk of damaging water sensitive  cargo or causing pollution issues in the dock facility.
  • Other than for supervision and safety, Ultrasonic Hatch Cover testing requires no assistance from the ships crew and therefore reduces the risk of ‘tampering’ with the result.
  • Ultrasonic Testing equipment can be used in laden and unladen holds, which in certain cases, allows for repairs to   be made during loading and follow up checks to be made once loading is complete, so as to prevent operational     delays.
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection can be conducted safely under all weather conditions and in sub-zero temperatures where other methods are not viable e.g. chalk test and hose test.
  • For owners and operators, a regular test will help provide the ship with targeted inspection data which will help   guide maintenance and repair history and demonstrate due diligence when defending against unfair claims.

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