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A good ranking in the OCIMF/SIRE Database is an essential tool for independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their vessels.

A Pre-vetting Inspection can help to minimize or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting, thus maintaining a low observation score in the database.
During a Pre-vetting Inspection, we visit the vessel and perform an in-depth inspection covering all areas on board in relation to the SIRE Vetting program with a special focus on the Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) in order to prepare the vessel for an upcoming vetting.

The overall objective is to identify any deficiencies which, according to the inspector’s experience, are likely to cause a negative response during a SIRE Vetting.

During the inspection, the crew responsible for the various departments on board are given on the spot guidance in order to prepare the best possible for a vetting.
The vessel Operator is provided with a detailed report with recommendations not later than 48 hours after completion of the Pre-vetting Inspection. The Master is provided with a summary and guidance prior to the inspector leaving the vessel.
Upon request, we can also assist with the Owner’s response following a SIRE Vetting with negative observations.

Our expertise allows us to conduct a number of types of Audits to ensure our customer's quality improvement and cost-effectiveness. In today's maritime industry, safety and security are given the highest priority among anything on-board a ship.

The ISM code has become the backbone of shipboard operations. So also the ISPS code in ensuring the security of the ship staff, vessel, and cargo and so on.
MIEC carries out the ISM, MLC and ISPS Audits to ensure compliance with the company's Safety & Security procedures. These audits also help in bringing about more awareness to the ship's top management about the various company procedures and hence ensuring that the ship remains safe and secures in all respects.

The audit findings can be presented in a company-specific format or in our forms for review by the operator's top management. Our auditors/experts also attend to the external (by The Flag / Class) audits to help the ship's staff in preparing and conducting the audit in a smooth manner.

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